Pharmacy: Omnicare

Dear AR Guarantors and Cottage Community Members,

You will have recently received a letter in regards to our pharmacy vendor. We recently transitioned to Omnicare, a CVS Health company. Our clinical team has been working behind the scenes for several months to make the transition as seamless as possible. We are excited to begin our new partnership as they specialize in long term care pharmacy services that are designed to uniquely support residents of post-acute facilities and senior living communities. They also offer a convenient online portal for resident families. We’d like to thank Martella’s for the quality service and support they have provided our community.

is a secure web portal that makes managing pharmacy activities easy for residents
and responsible parties. You will have access to health records, electronic invoices, bill pay, a messaging center, and more! Need assistance by phone? Call (833)-342-5704.

Quick PDF Links:
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MyOmniView Brochure: For residents and responsible parties.
Creating a MyOmniView  Account: (Once a resident’s first invoice is generated, the resident or responsible party can create a MyOmniview account. Invoices are sent to the financial POA of our residents.)
Getting Started Guide: This guide will assist you in becoming familiar with MyOmniview features
while navigating throughout the site.

Personal Care Residents:

I hope this letter finds you well and that you are enjoying the transition to the fall season. The purpose of this letter is to share a couple of benefits that you will have access to as a result of our new partnership with Omnicare, as well as provide you with an avenue to provide us feedback so that we may share with Omnicare any challenges or issues you may be facing. 

I would encourage you all to register for the MyOmniview online portal if you have not done so already. The portal makes managing pharmacy activities easy. You will have access to health records, electronic invoices, bill pay, a messaging center, and more! The number needed to create your MyOmniview account will be located on the first bill that you receive. If you are having having issues creating a MyOmniview account or having a general billing issue, the Omnicare Billing Center can be reached at (833)-342-5704.

In addition to the online portal, Omnicare offers an over-the-counter ‘Advantage Program.’ This program offers a convenient, affordable, and safe alternate to managing over-the-counter medications. Over 350 of the most common medications are part of the program, with many priced at $2.59 for a quantity of 30. Please see the attached brochure for more information regarding this program. You may view a full list of covered medications HERE.

Lastly, if your loved one has received a new insurance card, please make sure to send a copy of the new card to our Business Office so that we may have an updated record. As we adjust to the new pharmacy and associated processes, please continue to provide us with feedback and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. They can be emailed directly to our Personal Care Administrator- Lois Pudliner at

Thank you for your continued support of our ‘Simply the Best’ community!

Chad Kamler