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Townhouses have 1,200 square feet of living space and 1,400 square feet overall.

Townhouse Details

There are 16 townhouses placed in a quad layout (4 townhouses per unit). All townhouses are one floor units making accessibility very easy with no steps (aside from a small front door and garage door step). All townhouses have two bedrooms, a spacious living room, kitchen, dining room, two full baths, a sunporch and plenty of closet storage space.

All townhouses come equipped with:

  • attached single car garage
  • air conditioning
  • gas in-floor radiant heat
  • appliances which include stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer
  • large easy to open windows
  • small yard and shared courtyard
  • front porch
  • attic storage (maintenance team handles the steps!)

Monthly Association Fee
A monthly maintenance fee covers all maintenance, both inside and outside of the living unit. Residents never have to cut grass, rake leaves, shovel snow, install screens, trim shrubbery, repair/service appliances or handle any general home maintenance including electrical or plumbing services. The monthly maintenance fee also covers weekly garbage service, liability and home owner’s insurance and all real estate and school taxes.
The 2024 Monthly Association Fee is $500.

Residents are required to pay for townhouse utilities. (Electric, Water, Sewage, Gas, etc.) All townhouses have gas in-floor radiant heat.

Arbutus townhouses require an advance lump sum investment that is amortized over 10 years. Please read more about how this investment works.

Download 2023 Independent Resident Application