Short Term Therapy

Arbutus Park Retirement Community provides comprehensive therapy programs and services to our residents as well as the general public. Arbutus is committed to providing quality, individual focused health care and setting the standard for excellence in rehabilitation.

Our primary therapy goal is to help a resident recover and return home. Sometimes a resident cannot return to their prior level of physical functioning due to new disabilities or limitations. The goal is then changed to maximize their potential in areas, such as, nutrition, personal hygiene, and mobility.


Arbutus partners with AdvantageCare Rehabilitation to provide the highest quality therapy services to residents. Licensed professionals evaluate, plan, and execute treatment plans individualized for each resident. The Arbutus goal is to help each resident achieve maximum functional independence and quality of life.


Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy is a branch of rehabilitative health that uses exercise, manipulation and equipment, specifically designed to improve a resident’s physical abilities, including balance, strength and general mobility, safely increasing the resident’s functional independence.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy uses a holistic approach to treating the person with regard to his or her own environment. Therapy may include adaptation of tasks within the patient’s environment to achieve maximum independence. This is done by restoring old skills or teaching new skills to adapt for recent limitations or disabilities.

Speech- Language Therapy
Speech Therapy helps individuals with communication and/or swallowing disorders. This is achieved by restoring old skills or teaching the patient new skills to adapt to their disabilities.

All of these therapy services are offered on-site and are designed to assist residents to attain and maintain their maximum independence while at Arbutus or as they transition back to the community setting. (Some rehabilitation may require a short stay if ordered by a physician.)

Restorative Nursing
Arbutus Park Retirement Community offers restorative nursing which is a program designed for residents to maintain their full potential of abilities for as long as possible once physical, occupational and speech therapy services have concluded. Restorative nursing allows residents to improve and maintain function as well as prevent complications associated with multiple diagnoses. This special care improves the quality of life for each resident.

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