The Admissions Office at Arbutus Park Manor is your first step to obtaining care for your loved one. Whether you are interested in Short Term Therapy services, Personal Care, Long Term placement or services provided in our Dementia & Memory Care unit.

The admission process begins with completing an application for admission that is reviewed by the Admission Team.  (The Admission Team is comprised of the Admissions Coordinator, RN Case Manager, and Billing Specialist). The application for admission can be obtained from the Arbutus Business Office or downloaded and printed from our website. Once the application is completed, it must then be returned to our facility for consideration.

The application asks for the applicant or designated party to complete questions regarding applicant demographics, medical insurance, life and/or long term care insurance policies, and finances in order to better assist Arbutus in determining applicant resources. It is important for families to understand the costs associated with the different care levels, including co-pays for skilled therapies, before accepting care for their family member. It is important to note that in order for individuals to be considered for available openings at our facility, the application must first be received by Arbutus. If there is no bed available at the time when the application is submitted, you will be asked if you would like to be placed on a waiting list, where your application will remain on file with Arbutus for 3 years. If a bed becomes available during that time and you accept the offer, you may be asked to update the financial section of the application so our Billing Department can provide you with the most updated resource information.

The final step of the Admissions process is the medical review. The RN Case Manager obtains medical information from a variety of sources on the applicant in order to determine your loved one’s medical needs and most appropriate level of care. The Admissions Office typically reaches out to the applicant’s primary care physician (PCP), hospital, skilled nursing facility, and/or medical specialists involved in the care of the applicant to obtain and review the most updated health information. Following this review and availability of an appropriate bed, an offer for placement at Arbutus Park Manor would be made to the applicant or family designee.

We recognize that placement for your loved one can be a difficult decision for both the applicant and family, which is why Arbutus is committed to guide you through each step of the admission process and support you in the journey that lies ahead with dignity and compassion.