Personal Care FAQs

Is there a waiting list for Personal Care?

Currently we have rooms available. Families should complete an application as soon as possible.

How much does Personal Care cost a month?

Personal Care rates are currently $5,400- 30 days and $5,580 31 days. Personal Care is private pay and a resident should have at least 2 years of assets to cover their stay. *These room rates are based on single occupancy.

What happens when a resident runs out of money?

Families are informed when their loved ones’ money reaches a certain amount ($2,400.00). At that point in time, the Benevolent Fund will cover cost and the resident contract will need to be updated (to include what monies are received from SSI and pensions).

What happens when a resident requires a higher level of care?

The resident will remain here at the manor to receive the higher level of care. The resident will be placed into nursing services when a bed becomes available. Personal Care staff will manage the resident’s care until the move is made.

What happens to the resident’s Personal Care room when they are sent to the hospital and they are admitted?

Their bed is held for them at a rate of $165/day.

What happens if after their hospital stay they need rehabilitation before they come back to a personal care setting? Do they give up their bed?

No, again their bed is held for them at a rate of $165/day. The resident will be reassessed after rehabilitation to see if they can return to a personal care setting or if they need to remain in nursing services. If the resident requires a higher level of care then their bed in personal care will be opened.

Are Personal Care residents allowed appliances?

Personal Care residents are permitted to have a dorm sized refrigerator. There is a kitchenette located on each Personal Care wing that offers a microwave, refrigerator, freezer, toaster, and a coffee maker for all Personal Care residents to use. Personal Care residents are permitted to have a curling iron, hair dryer, and electric razor. All appliances are approved by our Maintenance Department.

Is there transportation to take residents to doctor appointments?

Yes. Arbutus provides transportation to scheduled appointments for a $30.00 charge round trip. A staff member will accompany the resident during their appointments.

Skilled Nursing FAQs

What senior living choices are offered at Arbutus Park Manor?

Arbutus offers a variety of living choices to seniors living in Johnstown and the surrounding regions. We offer both skilled and intermediate care services, Dementia & Memory Care, Personal Care, and Short Term Therapy services to seniors in our community.

How do you apply to live at Arbutus Park Manor?

You may apply to Arbutus Park Manor by completing the Application for Admission and mailing it to
APRC: Admissions
207 Ottawa Street
Johnstown, PA 15904

The application can be found at our Business Office or can be mailed to you upon request. Contact us today to request the form or if you have questions about the application.

Is Arbutus Park Retirement Community a licensed Facility?

Arbutus is a non-profit corporation organized to construct, own, manage and operate diverse facilities for persons who can satisfy admission requirements according to the by-laws of said corporation, as well as Federal and State guidelines set forth for like facilities. Arbutus Park Manor operates in compliance with applicable Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations, and both the Facility and Administrator are fully licensed pursuant to such laws.

Does Arbutus provide tours to family members referring their loved ones to their Facility?

Arbutus Park is happy to provide tours of our Facility to interested parties Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm. As a courtesy to our staff members, we ask that you call ahead to schedule the tour with the Admissions Coordinator to prevent long waits and to ensure the availability of staff in those areas of interest.

Is there is a waiting list?

Once a resident application is received, if there are no available beds to offer, the resident will be placed on a waiting list deemed appropriate for their medical needs. Family members are encouraged to contact the Admissions Coordinator for an update on the wait list status.

How can my loved one be placed at Arbutus Park Manor when released from the hospital?

If your family member is hospitalized and they require additional care after their hospital stay they can request placement at a skilled nursing facility, like Arbutus Park Manor. While in the hospital, the patient or power of attorney can request to complete a Patient Choice form that offers a list of facilities to be considered for placement. Arbutus Park Retirement Community is ALWAYS a choice.

How do we select a physician for our family member?

Residents have a choice of 10 area physicians that come to Arbutus on behalf of their patients. If a family member is under the care of a physician who does not have privileges at Arbutus then they are required to select one of the 10 physicians that provide services for Arbutus residents. A physician must be selected prior to the resident’s admission to the manor. The physician list is available upon request.

Arbutus’s Medical Director is Dr. David Bencie. Dr. Bencie visits residents at the manor and is available to answer any medical questions as needed. If the resident or family selects Dr. Bencie (who is one of the 5 physicians who see our residents), no call is necessary to Dr. Bencie’s office to transfer as a new patient. The resident is automatically accepted as a new patient of Dr. Bencie. If another physician is selected from the list, they must be contacted directly to see if they will accept the resident as a new patient.

What insurances are accepted by Arbutus Park Manor?

We accept many insurances including but not limited to:
Medicare & Medicaid (Medical Assistance)
Medicare Managed Plans
UPMC For Life
UPMC Medicare Managed Plans
Please call or contact us if you have a question about your insurance coverage.

What items are provided in the residents’ rooms when they come to live at Arbutus?

The following items are provided to each resident upon their admission to Arbutus:

  • Each resident admitted to the nursing floor for short term therapy services, long-term care, or to Crossroads (Dementia & Memory Care Unit) will sleep in a nursing bed with mattress. Family members are not able to bring the applicant’s mattress from home.
  • Personal storage space (closet and drawers) in his or her room
  • Most but not all residents have access to a personal phone and television. If the room does not have these items, the family is permitted to bring a television measuring no more than 24” and a telephone for resident use.
  • Cable television and internet services are provided at no cost to every resident.

Are residents permitted to bring personal items from home?

Residents may bring items from home to make them feel more comfortable as long as they do not interfere with the other residents and fit within the designated space.  No items should be brought to Arbutus Park Manor that interfere with general safety guidelines.

What is the visitation policy at Arbutus Park Manor for family and friends?

Family and friends may visit at any time during the week, including weekends. Certain restrictions past normal hours may apply in order to protect the peaceful environment that exists at the Manor.

Are residents with durable medical equipment able to move freely around the room and in and out of the doorways?

Yes, all common areas to include resident rooms and doorways are designed for walker and wheelchair use.

Do you offer transportation to medical appointments for skilled and intermediate residents?

Yes. The Manor offers transportation service for residents for local medical appointments and these appointments are coordinated with our in-house Transportation Scheduler. For appointments outside of the local area, families are required to make transportation arrangements with Medical Transport Services at your own expense.

Are residents encouraged to participate in Activities while at Arbutus?

Residents, including those who are unable to leave their rooms, may choose to take part in a variety of activities. This Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) has outdoor areas for resident use as well as trained staff to assist residents in participating in activities. Arbutus also has an active volunteer program.

What time are meals served?

Breakfast is served from 7:30-9:30am; Lunch is served at 11:30am; Dinner is served at 5:00pm. Please note that meal times may fluctuate for residents due to medical appointments, therapy schedule, and resident care.

Do you have an on-site Salon?

Arbutus Park has a Beauty Shop on-site that is operated by 2 licensed beauticians that schedule appointments for our residents and cottagers. They offer an array of hair salon services to accommodate our residents. These services are private pay and the rate schedule is available upon request.

Can staff at Arbutus Park Manor be easily identified?

Yes. Each staff member has a picture identification badge that must be worn at all times when they are working.