Independent Living FAQs

Who can move to Arbutus Park Retirement Community?

Independent residents must be at least 62 years old. Arbutus independent living units are set up for single and double occupancy. Two individuals wishing to move to Arbutus Park must be married or blood relatives. A resident under the age of 62 is permitted if they are moving with a spouse or blood relative who is 62 or older.

How does the independent payment process work for continuing care at Arbutus Park?

Retirement living at Arbutus Park assures a resident nursing care when, and if, they require it, either on a temporary or permanent basis. The resident is guaranteed the next available bed in the nursing facility once Arbutus Park is notified of a need. The resident’s independent living investment is amortized over 10 years. The equity credit a resident receives toward nursing care is equal to 90% of their investment less 10 % per year for the number of pro-rated months the resident occupies a cottage, townhouse or home at Parker Ridge. After the 120 month period – 10 years – has passed, the resident may remain in the home as long as their health permits. Upon entering the nursing home the resident would begin paying the prevailing per diem rates and service charges.

Is there a maintenance fee at Arbutus Park?

Yes, there is a monthly maintenance fee at Arbutus Park. This fee covers all maintenance, both inside and outside of the living unit. Residents never have to cut grass, rake leaves, shovel snow, install screens, trim shrubbery, repair appliances or handle any general home maintenance. The monthly maintenance fee also covers weekly garbage service. Current maintenance fees are listed below. The rate is reviewed and determined by the Board of Directors annually and is subject to change.
2023 Monthly Maintenance Fee
Main Campus – $500
Parker Ridge Campus – $600

Do I still pay property taxes or home insurance?

No. The cottages are owned and maintained by Arbutus Park Retirement Community. The resident does not need to worry about paying property and school taxes or home and liability insurance. These expenses are covered by Arbutus Park Retirement Community. Arbutus Park does recommend that residents purchase a renter’s insurance policy to cover personal belongings within a living unit.

My appliances aren’t that old, can I bring them to use in my new cottage?

Yes. Residents are permitted to bring their own appliances if they prefer, provided they fit the space and are the same style hook-up.

Am I permitted to bring my pet?

We love dogs, cats and any other domestic pets. Residents are allowed to bring furry best friend(s) to Arbutus Park however, pets are required to be on a leash when outside and the owner is required to clean up after the pet. Documentation of current shots and vaccines will be requested.

Is there a meal plan or meal service provided?

Arbutus Park offers independent living meal service. There is no meal plan that you are required to purchase. It is as simple as picking up the phone and placing the order! The meal can be delivered to your front door hot and fresh or you can eat the meal at the manor in our independent dining room – it is your choice! Below are 2020 meal costs which are billed to your account on a monthly basis.

2023 Resident Meal Rates
Lunch- $8.00
Dinner – $6.00
Breakfast – $6.00
Monthly Cottage Dinner $12.00
Monthly Cottage Brunch $12.00

2023 Non-Resident Meal Rates
Lunch $9.00
Dinner  $7.00
Breakfast $7.00
Children (any meal) $3.00
(Children under the age of 5 – No Charge)

What services are available to residents?

Below are services offered to our residents:
-activity programs (Monthly Cottage dinner, monthly brunch, biweekly movie night, monthly game night, sporting events, plays, cornhole, pinochle, multiple exercise classes, art class)
-transportation services ($30 local trip)
-gift shop
-barber/beauty shop
-social services
-therapy (physical, occupational, speech)
-dietary/food services (delivery)
-24 hour professional skilled and intermediate nursing care in the Manor

If I decide I want to move out, is there a refund of my investment?

If you decide to break the residential living agreement and move out of the community within the first 10 years there is a refund. The amount of the refund is determined by the amount of time you have lived on campus and the remaining amount of your credit, less a $3,000 penalty for breaking the residential agreement. For example, if the initial contract amount was $150,000 and the resident decides to move after 3 years, the refund amount would be $91,500.
(36 months x $1,125 = $40,500; $135,000-$40,500=$94,500; -$3,000 for breaking lease = $91,500)

What happens to my investment if I should pass away?

If one or both residents should pass away within the first 3 years, 50% of the remaining amount of the investment is returned to a designated beneficiary.