“Recognize… Appreciate… Thank”

In 2013, the Senior Spirit movement was founded on those three words.

The mission was to recognize senior citizens for the time and talent they share with our community in the form of volunteerism.  A group of community partners representing local businesses and organizations formed a Host Committee to plan the first “Senior Spirit Awards Luncheon.” In an effort to pay it forward, it was decided the proceeds from this wonderful community event would benefit the Arbutus Benevolent Care Fund.

In April of 2014, our community gathered to recognize a group of outstanding senior citizens for their hard work and commitment to the community. Much like the Oak Tree that is presented to each of our Senior Spirit Awardees, this event continues to grow with each passing year.

“Senior Spirit” has moved beyond the awards event with a mission to encourage seniors to live an active, meaningful life well into their golden years. Our senior citizens are treasured members of the community. They are valuable resources in many organizations throughout the area.  Senior Spirit has volunteer, educational, and community program opportunities available for area senior citizens to continue to grow, learn, and remain active into their golden years. We invite you to be a part of the movement where seniors live with “Spirit.” See our upcoming events.

Meaning of the Tree
The Senior Spirit Awards are presented to seniors who give of their time, talent, and knowledge to make our community a better place.  It is in the Spirit of giving that we present each of our Senior Spirit Awardees with an Oak Tree.

The Oak Tree has long been the symbol of strength, wisdom, and family. Our awardees may plant their tree wherever they choose. Some of the Spirit trees are planted at the place where our awardees volunteer. Some choose to plant them in their yard or in a favorite sitting place in a park. The trees are marked with a ground plate with the awardees name so all who come to enjoy the shade and beauty of the tree may know what the tree represents.

As the tree grows for years to come, it will continue to give back to the community continuing the giving Spirit of the one who planted it there.


Senior Spirit Host Committee
Senior Spirit Host Committee is a dedicated group of community volunteers who work together to plan and execute the Senior Spirit Awards event. The Host Committee’s main goal is to raise money which benefits the Arbutus Benevolent Care Fund. The Host Committee also works to raise awareness of the Senior Spirit mission. Without the hard work and dedication of this enthusiastic group of volunteers, our event would not be possible.

2019 Senior Spirit Host Committee Members
Dr. & Mrs. Zucco – 2019 Senior Spirit Honorary Chairperson
M.Veil Griffith – Cambria County Area Agency on Aging
Pat Hull – Laurel Highlands Alzheimer’s Foundation
Chad Kamler – Arbutus Park Retirement Community
Kurt Roberts – Arbutus Park Retirement Community
Amy Moore – Senior Real Estate Specialist, Coldwell Banker
Lou Nicoletti – Arbutus Park Retirement Community Board
Wendy Pierce – Forever Media
Rick Wilson – Arbutus Park Retirement Community