‘Win’s Wish’

December 27, 2018

·Ways To Give

Arbutus Park Retirement Community has always been known for the care we provide our residents.

Win Garland will always be remembered for the care he provided to Arbutus. Win and Sandy Garland were welcomed into our family as Independent Living residents in 2012. Win served as a member of the Arbutus Board of Directors having attended his first meeting in 2010 and remained active until December 2018.

Win had a special place in his heart, not only for the residents and staff of Arbutus, but for the buildings and homes on campus. On a weekly basis, Win could be seen walking and cheerfully whistling around campus inspecting homes for new residents moving in, working with our builders on renovations and helping to oversee the construction of Arbutus at Parker Ridge.

Win was organized, thoughtful, and a stickler for detail. A trait that served our staff and residents well. “Win’s Wish” has always been that the buildings on campus reflect the care and love given to those who dwell there. Win’s care and love can be felt throughout Arbutus.

Win and Sandy, along with their family asked that memorial donations be made in Win’s name to Arbutus Park Retirement Community. “Win’s Wish” is that the funds in his memory be designated to repair and upgrade the Community Room Parking Lot. It’s where we host events such as the Arbutus Family Picnic, and Pumpkinfest. It is where our residents park to attend dinners and enjoy fellowship. It is, as Win put it “the first impression of our facility.”

A contribution from Win of $20,000.00 has been made as a first donation towards the total cost of $70,000.00 to replace the parking lot. I promised Win we would make this happen before the next Summer Picnic in 2019. Win shed tears of joy when he got word that the parking lot fundraising was underway. “Win’s Wish” is for a new parking lot at Arbutus.
It’s a simple, humble wish from an extraordinary, humble man.

I will miss my friend Win. We will all miss Win.
We are grateful for the time and talent he shared with us.
We hope that everyone will join us in helping to make
“Win’s Wish” come true.

Rick Wilson