Indoor Chatterbox Opening!

March 6, 2021

·Nursing, Personal Care, Residents, Short Term Therapy, Skilled Nursing, Staff

Indoor Chatterbox Procedure

1) Visitors will schedule a half hour visit by calling Melinda Frye (Nursing Activity Director) at or 814.262.3880. Lois Pudliner (Personal Care Director) is at 814.262.2162 or a. Nursing will schedule for a Monday, Thursday, and Sunday from 10:00am to 7:00pm. b. Personal Care will schedule for Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday from 10:00am to 7:00pm. c. The visit will be for a half hour at a time and only two visitors at a time. No pets are allowed in the manor.

2) Visitors will enter the building at the main entrance and will triage at the front desk. Parking is available along the mound wall leading up to the main entrance. a. The visitors will enter from the outside of the building with a mask on. b. The visitors will have their temperature taken triage questions asked. c. If for any reason the visitor does not pass the entry triage, the visit will be cancelled, and they will be asked to leave the building. The scheduling employee will be notified of the occurrence.

3) If the visitor passes the triage and can visit, they will be escorted to the visitation room and the resident will be brought to the visitation room for their half hour visit.

4) The visitor will sit in the smaller of the two rooms and the resident will enter from the opposite side of the chatterbox to the larger of the two rooms. There will be a glass door separating them. The door will remain closed for the visit. There will be no skin-to-skin contact for the visit. The intercom system will be turned on so they can hear each other better.

5) The staff person who brought the resident for the visit will sit outside of the room so the visitor and resident have privacy. If the resident needs assistance to visit, the staff person will stay with them.

6) When the visit is over, the staff person will wipe the furniture, door handles, and intercom with approved disinfectant on both sides of the chatterbox before returning the resident to their wing.

7) The visitors will exit through the nearest door at the end of the sunporch to the outside. They cannot walk the halls or go any further than the sunporch. 8) Resident will be returned to their room/unit following the visit by the staff member.