I’m a Big Loser – and Proud of It!

March 16, 2017


Exactly 360 days ago I had reached a crossroad in my life. Ten plus years removed from being a competitive athlete I had settled into the role of working behind a desk while adopting many unhealthy habits in my day to day life. When I started at Arbutus Park Retirement Community in July 2015, I agreed to represent Administration on the Wellness Committee. While attending a meeting I was challenged by another committee member to enter the Biggest Loser competition in March 2016.

I decided to give it a try and that in combination of taking advantage of the fitness reimbursement through our Wellness Committee I joined a local gym and my weight started trending in a positive direction for the first time in ten years. After my first weigh-in I had lost a couple pounds and when the first leaderboard was posted I had made the list. My competitive juices started to run again. I started to increase the length and frequency of my workouts all while maintaining a lower caloric intake in my diet. At the conclusion of the contest I had managed to lose 40+ pounds which was good enough to take home the title. I have never been more proud to be called a Loser in my life!

This was all made possible by the Wellness Team at Arbutus Park Retirement Community. I stand here today healthier and more motivated as a result of the Wellness Committee’s interactive programs that aim to improve staff health and wellness.

The next edition of the Biggest Loser at Arbutus Park Retirement Community is beginning this week and I look forward to the new challenge a lighter, healthier man. I would recommend any and all staff members to get involved as you never know how a little competition will go a long way towards motivating you to reach your weight loss goals. I’m living proof. -ck

Contributor: Chad Kamler is the Assistant Administrator at Arbutus