Hats Off to Arbutus Auxiliary

August 10, 2017

·Events, Ways To Give

There is a special group at Arbutus Park that doesn’t get enough notoriety or recognition.  They operate behind the scenes for the most part.  But, when they decide to step out into the manor for their events, they do it in a BIG way.  The Arbutus Auxiliary is composed mainly of women, extremely creative women, who have one thing in their heart. That is, to make life better for all who reside at Arbutus Park Retirement Community.

In order to make life better for the folks that reside here, the Auxiliary devotes a lot of time raising money. They are the busy workers setting up and collecting money for our Annual Bazaar and our October Flea Market. They also come up with unique programs to entice audiences to readily purchase tickets to their events. Such was their latest endeavor as they held a Vacation Luncheon partnered with a delicious wrap and dessert prepared and served by our Dietary Department.

Guests were treated to a variety of vacation destination tables and each and every lady who volunteered to do a table went above and beyond with their creativity to make their vacation spots realistic and inviting to all those attending. The Arbutus Auxiliary is an amazing organization, volunteering throughout the facility on a daily basis. Hats off to our volunteers, touching lives, lifting spirits providing strong roots for the family tree of Arbutus Park Manor. – rw, bc

Contributors: Rick Wilson is the Administrator at Arbutus, Bonnie Camblin is the Business Office Manager