Chad Kamler, Arbutus Park Assistant Administrator

February 8, 2017


Why Become a Nursing Home Administrator? 

Taking care of people has always been part of my nature.

I took great pride in assisting thousands of military members and their families over my ten year career working for Health Net Federal Services where I spent the better part of the last seven years in a Management role of their customer care center.

My grandfather was one of my best friends. He passed in March, 2015. He had spent the better part of 2014 in a local, less reputable nursing home. I visited him often and through my frequent interactions my eyes were opened to challenges that many in long term care face on a daily basis. At times I was critical of the care my grandfather was receiving and being in management in my current role I began to formulate ideas as to how my grandfather’s stay in the nursing facility could be improved.

This planted the seed for things to come.

In June, 2015 at the ripe age of 31 I made the most difficult decision of my life and chose a new career path. This was a direct result of a personal referral that led me to a meeting with Rick Wilson and Brooke Patterson in October, 2014 regarding a newly created Assistant Administrator position. Needless to say I walked away impressed.

Although the position that I was applying for would allow me to stay in administration, I was completely green to long-term care. I decided that it didn’t matter to me as I had bought into the mission at Arbutus Park Retirement Community that Rick and Brooke shared with me during the interview process and I took the leap of faith to join the Arbutus family.

The change came with a lot of uncertainty but I from day one was welcomed with open arms by staff, residents, and members of our independent living community and for that I am deeply appreciative.

The first 18 months of my new long-term care career has validated my decision to join Arbutus. I have had the privilege of crafting my new trade under one of the best in the business, Rick Wilson. I truly feel that in my short time working here I have become a better leader and a better person.

In November, 2016 I officially became a licensed Nursing Home Administrator in the state of Pennsylvania. With that licensure, I look forward to many successful years of helping to take care of the people who matter the most in our lives and forging many relationships along the way.

I am proud of my decision to become a Nursing Home Administrator and I am happy to be part of this great Arbutus community. – ck

Contributor: Chad Kamler is the Assistant Administrator at Arbutus