Celebrating Our Roots #2

July 6, 2018

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Celebrating Our Roots: The History of Arbutus
We continue digging through the archives to pay homage to the history and legacy of Arbutus Park.

This month we look back 68 years to the 1950 Arbutus Park Summer Meetings brochure. Some of the highlights include an article announcing R. G. Le Tourneau as the guest speaker. He was a ‘well-known inventor and manufacturer of earth-moving machinery, heavy cranes, P.T. boats and a huge machine for making a house in a day.’

‘The catering committee has set the price for meals served in the dormatory as follows: Breakfast .40; Dinner .75; Supper .75; Sunday Dinner $1.99.’

In the disbursements report, a used 1939 GMC 3/4 ton truck was purchased for $225.00. Workmen’s Compensation Insurance was $3.50, while having 2 gas stoves installed came to $269.75.

Special thanks to Bonnie Camblin for archive materials, background information, and suggestions in developing this feature.