Celebrating Our Roots #1

June 6, 2018

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Celebrating Our Roots: The History of Arbutus:
Over the next several issues of ‘Pathways’ we will be digging through the archives to pay homage to the history and legacy of Arbutus Park.

This month we look back 79 years to the 1939 Arbutus Park Summer Meetings brochure. Some of the highlights include an article from Curtis Amps, Secretary. He states, “Meals will be served in the dining room as usual; breakfast $.25; Dinner and Supper $.35 each, and Sunday Dinner $.50. Meal tickets $6.50 per week.”

In an introduction by President Rev. Sidney V. Carmany, he says “Arbutus Park is ideal for summer meetings, well shaded, supplied with good water and has a large dormitory with dining hall. Come and enjoy God’s great Out-of-Doors by attending the summer meetings at ‘Beautiful Arbutus’”.

The Treasurer’s Report includes an invoice paying $17.50 for 100 New Song Books and $5.93 paid to Glossers for dishes.

Special thanks to Bonnie Camblin for archive materials, background information, and suggestions in developing this feature.