A Poem About Sassy

May 3, 2017


I would like to introduce myself
Some say I’m just a dog
But like many of you humans
I have a real job.

I’m not your ordinary dog
My name you see is Sassy
The folks they all love me here
They think I’m rather classy

Each day I come to work
Jump up upon my throne
So when all the passersby look in
My pretty face is shown

Then off I go to walk the halls
With a friend who is my guide
Who will I visit today?
It’s so hard to decide


I love all the people here
I think they’re really neat
Especially the ones
That like to feed me treats

But really what I love the most
Is giving love and cheer
To bring a little sunshine
To the residents while they’re here.

Contributor: Janet Jones works in the Business Office at Arbutus