12.12.20 Weekly Update

December 12, 2020

·Nursing, Personal Care, Residents, Short Term Therapy, Skilled Nursing, Staff

Dear family and friends of APRC,

During the last week, Arbutus Park continued to conduct COVID-19 testing on all nursing/personal care residents and employees.
As of Friday, December 11th, the test results show 6 new positive cases of COVID in residents and 13 positive tests for staff members. The affected residents were moved to a COVID Care Unit where they will be cared for by a nursing care team dedicated to that unit. We also had 7 new deaths in residents who had COVID documented as their secondary cause of death during the week period. Sadly, our total deaths related to COVID-19 is at 23. We ask that you keep their families in your prayers.
At present, all manor residents are being tested for the corona virus weekly. All non-positive employees up to this point are being tested twice a week. Immediate tests are also run on anyone who is showing potential COVID-19 symptoms. This will continue until directed otherwise by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. All employees are wearing full protective equipment when providing direct care to residents.
We want to give our sincerest appreciation to the wonderful family members who have been so understanding of what is being experienced at Arbutus Park. Their acceptance of the changes we’ve had to make to some of their loved one’s lives has been a blessing to us all. We are committed to continue our fight against this pandemic and continue to be completely transparent with information for our families.

Rick Wilson