Dear Families and Friends of APRC,

Since our last report on December 17, 2021, Arbutus Park has continued the weekly testing of all employees and the semi-weekly of non-vaccinated employees. As a result of this testing, we have had four employees test positive. We are following the necessary quarantine protocols for these individuals. We have no positive resident test results or cases. We are still encouraging our employees, who are not vaccinated to consider getting vaccinated, for the safety of our residents. We will continue to follow all the guidelines that pertain to our industry, including extreme infection control measures, which are so important.

Despite the positive results, our governing bodies have instructed us to allow visitations throughout the Manor. This pertains to vaccinated or unvaccinated visitors. But, for clarification purposes, if a visitor shows proof of vaccination, they may remove their mask and have contact with the resident IN THEIR ROOM. Masks must still be worn while traveling through the halls to the resident’s room. If a visitor is not vaccinated, or refuses to show proof that they are vaccinated, they are required to wear a mask during their entire visit.

Although there is no specific number of visitors permitted for each resident, we ask that for groups of three or more, you call ahead in case we have to prepare an alternate spot for the visit. This is out of respect for their roommate. Small pets are permitted but their proof of vaccinations must be provided at the front desk.

Rick Wilson