CNA Class

Certified Nursing Assistant Program: in partnership with Laurel View Village in Davidsville.

Initial Class Start Date: October 16, 2023            Status: Complete
Second Class Start Date: February 22, 2024        Status: Complete
Third Class Start Date: May 1, 2024                     Status: Filled
Next Class Start Date: July 2024                           Status: Interviewing
Upcoming Class Dates: August 20 – October 14 – November 12

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is the course?
The class takes approximately four weeks to complete and is hosted at LaurelView Village in Davidsville. (Approx. 10 minutes from our campus.)
2 Weeks of theory education in a classroom setting and laboratory learning skills.
2 Weeks of on-site skilled nursing clinical training to practice skills.
What is the process?
After applying online, interviewing, and being accepted, you will be employed at Arbutus Park Retirement Community as an RCA (Resident Care Attendant) prior to the start of your class. During the class period, you will be scheduled to work at the Manor for 10 hours per week, usually as two shifts of five hours each.

How much am I compensated?
You are paid while attending class at the current rate of $12/hour as an RCA. Your rate then goes up to $14/hour after you complete the class. Your rate then goes to $18.50/hour when you pass your written and skills tests, certifying you as a CNA. Mileage to and from the four week class is paid with the proper paperwork,

How do I apply for the class?
Learn more and apply now HERE.  Email us at

For active class participants:  Mileage Form  –  Time Sheet