Team Spirit

May 18, 2017


If you want to become a member of Team Spirit – come aboard. Team Spirit is a group of staff members that brain storm together to boost the morale of fellow co-workers. Team Spirit’s mission is to brighten our workplace, to appreciate each other’s contributions and roles, and make work even more fun! We hold two Election Day Bake Sales each year. Other fund raisers we hold include sub, pizza, nut roll and used scrub sales. All money raised is used in various ways to show staff how much they are appreciated for the hard work they do caring for God’s elder children. Many of our staff go above and beyond the normal call of duty with the relationships they establish with residents and families and the morale boosting activities are Team Spirit’s way to award and appreciate staff contributions to maintain the reputation our retirement community has earned over time.

I have witnessed staff members hemming slacks for residents, purchasing favorite fast food items, baking birthday cakes, cookies, bringing fresh cut flowers from home gardens and even buying a much wanted sun visor a resident yearned for without accepting or wanting payment in return for their kindness. These very actions are the motivation for Team Spirit. This conduct gives me a purpose for being a member of Team Spirit. We are a self-sustaining team and use no funds from Arbutus to subsidize our efforts. The generosity of those who live in our community make our efforts to raise monies quite easy. I am personally inviting any staff member who would like to join Team Spirit to please do so. It is a fun group of people and we welcome any staff to join us in our appreciation endeavors. -bc

Contributor: Bonnie Camblin is the Business Office Manager at Arbutus