Sassy Goes Tech with Paw Pads

February 25, 2017

·Independent Living, Residents

Ya know-I was overwhelmed over Christmas with all this hype about iPhones and iPads. All these social media fanatics think that this is something new! Not in my world – I was born with my PAW PAD – didn’t have to Google which model to get in order to communicate!! My PAW PAD is unique only to me – it is my line of contact with Anna, Del and countless other residents I share my home with here at Arbutus.

With a mere lift of my PAW PAD I am often rewarded with a “Tweet.”  You all have to make connections with LinkedIn – I am already connected with my PAW PAD! It is especially helpful when my friend George from independent living arrives to hangout. You all may have to download an APP for your phones, but not me! My downloads have been embedded in my PAW PAD and my selfie has gone viral numerous times which reflects my clout on social media. So folks- don’t’ forget to Friend me! You can find me most days in the Arbutus Park Business Office -#SASSY