If We’re Lucky, We All Age: Preparing for the Baby Boomers

March 10, 2017

·Activities, Independent Living, Residents

How do we prepare for the baby boomers?

Do we add more computers, acquire a Netflix subscription, add a bar, a restaurant, or indoor pool? Or do we give them the support, therapy, the compassion, comfort and help they need to grow old gracefully. It would be wonderful to think that when I reach the ripe “old” age of 90, that I still will be able to use an iPad, lift those gym weights and binge watch House of Cards (and be able to follow the story line). The sad truth is that as we age, we often don’t have those capabilities in our later years. The eyes go, hearing isn’t as sharp, dexterity becomes clumsy (at best)… and oh my goodness those knees! Nursing care facilities are revamping, re-configuring, and reconstructing in wait for the baby boomers to become “that age.” I just don’t know if overhauling is the way to go.

I can’t help but think all of us baby boomers recall a simpler time….a sunny day getting together with friends playing games, a crazy sing-a-long…not sure of the words…oh well! It didn’t matter! Watching the same movie over and over again just for the great laughs. Baby boomers still recall the simpler times and they miss them. Who’s to say that they may not want to revisit those days and the simpler pleasures? Maybe the way nursing care should approach the onslaught of baby boomers is to have them engage more with one another, forge new friendships, have sing-a-longs (laughing like crazy when you get the words wrong), watch reruns of Carol Burnett, Laugh In, and other timeless comedy shows (you know the ones that are just funny without hurting or offending any one).

I realize this blog may not be what some people want to hear…but the truth of the matter is, if we’re lucky, we all age. Do we want to keep trying to be hi-tech or do we want to just enjoy ourselves by keeping things simple? The reality is that most times we are unable to do the very thing that we enjoyed most when we were younger and we have to adjust and adapt. When you reach a stage where additional care is needed, this is the time some people may need help, encouragement and reassurance that they can still enjoy life. This may be in a simpler way, but they can still find enjoyment.-mf

Contributor: Melinda Frye is the Activities Director at Arbutus